Water is not a fuel


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The purpose of this web site is to debunk the popular belief that it is possible to enhance a car's performance by using the car's battery to make hydrogen from water and then inject this hydrogen into the engine.

 This old concept is enjoying a popular resurgence thanks to the rising cost of gasoline and the fact that anyone with a connection to the Internet can freely publish anything they desire. 

 I have provided information that directly addresses this issue in two areas of the web site,  The Facts  and  Questions & Answers  .  If you want the very short version, here it is:

 It takes more energy from the engine to produce the hydrogen than is available to give back to the engine from the hydrogen that is produced.

 If you remain a firm believer that water is a fuel, I commend your passion, but encourage you to read through the information I have provided and take time to consider what you have read.  Do you believe everything you read without questioning it first?  I hope not.  Don't take my word for it.  Ask a scientist, an engineer, a high school science teacher, or a college professor.  Don't trust anything you read in an advertisement.  Don't trust anyone asking for your money.  Think for yourself and be smart about where you get your information.


I hope you enjoy the web site!


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